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VA Representative Payee services are billed at 4% of the Veteran's monthly VA income.  All other Fiduciary Services are billed per the schedule of fees below.

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Fees For Services
Sierra Fiduciary Services, LLC/ Matt Quentmeyer charges a $500.00 non-refundable intake fee to establish a working file when named as a Successor Trustee in estate planning documents.  This fee covers reviewing the Trust documents and establishing working files.  A bill will be generated after receipt of the estate planning documents.

Hourly Fees:  Sierra Fiduciary Services, LLC/ Matt Quentmeyer bills at $175.00 per hour for all case management duties such as meetings, travel time, telephone conference time, time spent reviewing and responding to emails, preparation of accountings, letter writing and other ancillary duties.  Sierra Fiduciary Services, LLC/ Matt Quentmeyer bills at $135.00 per hour for all bookkeeping and bill payment tasks.  Our practice is to bill in units of 0.1 hours (6-minute increments) for tasks performed.  Minimum time charge for all tasks or financial transactions is 6 minutes.  Sierra Fiduciary Services, LLC/ Matt Quentmeyer will provide a detailed written bill including the date, activity performed and time spent for all hourly fee requests.

Percent of Assets Under Management Fees: Sierra Fiduciary Services/ Matt Quentmeyer may bill a percentage of Assets Under Management annually based on the gross value of the estate.  The gross value of the estate is to be calculated at the beginning of each accounting period.  The percentages are charged as follows:

1% of the first $2,000,000
.5% of the next $3,000,000
.25% of the additional assets under management